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Shot List — 2009

Opening Sequence

Created by me from a piece called "Sister Mary Carmelite".
Created animated facial textures using scanned photographs which were distorted and painted in Photoshop. The rest of the textures were created using traditional materials such as watercolour, charcoal and oil paint.
- Maya, Photoshop and Eyeon Fusion

Dragonball: Evolution, directed by James Wong

1-4. Comped 3d particle elements, then colour-corrected, warped and distorted to create energy effects. Added interactive lighting and colour corrected to match benchmark plate.
-Eyeon Fusion
5. Comped smoke element and colour corrected to match benchmark plate.
- Eyeon Fusion

Youth Without Youth, directed by Francis Ford Coppola

1-2. Replaced sky and removed unwanted objects on the buildings.
- Shake

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, directed by Andrew Adamson

1. In the first shot I removed markers in the grass, in the trees and on the rock face that were covered in moving smoke elements. Painted out the formerly blue legs of the running characters and put back the shadows to create a cleanplate for the addition of cg legs.
2-4. Painted out crowd characters' legs and recreated shadows to create a cleanplate for the addition of cg legs on them. In the original footage the characters had blue legs covered in markers.

Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan

1-2. Comped tv screens for postviz shots that were used for the look developement of the sonar vision sequence. The final comps were done by BUF in France.
- Shake

10 000BC, directed by Roland Emmerich

1-4. Tracked a photoshop image to the character's face. Colour corrected to benchmark plate.
- Shake and Photoshop
5. Removed marker
- Shake
6. Whightened teeth.
- Shake

The Company, directed by Mikael Salomon

1-2. Roof Chase Series
Completed both composites, including bluescreen matte extraction, tracking, colour correction, adding matte paintings, adding practical smoke elements.
- Shake, Mokey and Photoshop

The Year Without a Santa Claus

1-2. Completed entire composite, including removing wires, colour correction, adding glows, adding practical smoke element and integrating 3d fire.
- Shake, Mokey and Photoshop
3. Completed entire composite, including bluescreen matte extraction, crowd multiplication, adding 2d snow elements and adding matte painting.
- Shake

The Company (cont'd), directed by Mikael Salomon

3. Two Women. Completed entire composite, including car multiplication, colour correction, masking, tracking.
- Shake, Mokey and Photoshop.
4. Rowing Team. Removed concrete platform from background.
- Shake, Mokey and Photoshop.
5. Tank Shot. Removed items from under front of tank and added camera shake.
- Shake

Closing sequence

Same as opening.